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The forum is frequented by some of the developers whose code is heavily reused in a big portion of the Tele RAT samples we came across.

Let’s Encrypt has been notified about this activity.This blog details our findings navigating through some Operational Security (OPSEC) fails while sifting through multiple malicious APK variants abusing Telegram’s Bot API; including the discovery of a new Trojan we’ve named “Tele RAT”.Tele RAT not only abuses Telegram’s Bot API for Command and Control (C2), it also abuses it for data exfiltration, unlike IRRAT.While malware leveraging the Telegram bot API is not necessarily new, we were able to identify a new family, Tele RAT, hiding entirely behind Telegram’s API to evade network-based detection and exfiltrate data.Leveraging intelligence from Auto Focus, accessible attacker infrastructure, and other open source intelligence we were able to paint an accurate picture of an ongoing operation leveraging Telegram’s API and targeting users via third party application sites and social media channels.

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