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Re Con identifies this information and allows you to block it.

Based on analysis from our users and extensive in-house tests on popular apps, we've listed what each app is sending about you.

There are several popular apps that continue to leak your password in plaintext, and we will post their details once we have worked with app developers to fix them.

Swipe right - the new age dating gesture, has permeated the mobile world.

The story explains that the behaviour of ‘excess argon’ (it even has a name) made the age too old. The problem is that although radiogenic argon and excess argon have different names they are exactly the same isotope—argon-40.

It is impossible to distinguish between them experimentally.

By this he means that argon gas in his rock has come from the melting of some older rocks deep underground and contaminated his sample with a higher concentration of argon-40, which is why its age is too old.By default, we sort the apps from "most leaky" to "least leaky." Our custom leakiness Score is the weighted sum of the type of PII leaked, the amount of times leaked, and the number of domains it is leaked to.Behavior such as sending your password in plaintext (which exposes it to potential hackers) is given very high weight and will appear near the top.Some dates are accepted, some are rejected, some are overturned and some are modified until everything is in its place, and order reigns again.Behind the scenes, many mobile apps send extensive information about you to their servers, and to advertisers and analytics companies that profit from your data.

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