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Typically, Coleman Spode china products featured a pattern code that allowed customers to tell the year and month in which a particular piece was made, but these changed frequently over the years the company spent in business.

When assessing the age and value of a Copeland Spode china piece, it is helpful to divide the company's history into four distinct periods of ownership, beginning with the start of the Spode company's business until 1833.

Between the years 18 the Copeland family owned the company entirely and typically printed backstamps with a variation on the Copeland family name on its products.

After 1970, the company changed its name to Spode and began using a newly standardized printed backstamp on all of its products.

Many antiques have marks on the underside that are stamped, impressed or painted.

Also, learn about Spode backstamps to date pieces more easily by sight.First introduced in 1938 for the US market, 'Christmas Tree' was in production until the close of the Spode factory in 2009 and was still produced in 2011 under the Spode brand from Portmeirion The mark in Fig 1 shows the backstamp which will appear on older pieces of 'Christmas Tree'.This style of backstamp was used from about 1920 to about 1957. so click 'Christmas Tree' to swot up on this famously popular 20th century pattern from Spode.And for more links you can visit also my Spode & Christmas page.

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With the vast number of identification marks, it is virtually impossible to recognize all of the different manufacturers of one specific category, such as English porcelain.

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