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Within a week, 80 people were down for bearded town, and that was all it took.A prototype of the current app was created and pushed to numerous public forums such as Reddit and Product Hunt. Bristlr exploded and I found myself running a joke that had gotten way out of hand,” said Kershaw.How do these figures play out in Whitehorse's dating scene? The small group of survey respondents was comprised solely of women (no men I queried responded to the survey) and ranged from gals in long-term common-law relationships to single women and everything in between.Perhaps most telling were answers to my question, "Name three adjectives to describe the dating scene in Whitehorse?" Respondents wrote, "hidden, mysterious and fun;" "limited;" "incestuous, tiresome, sometimes surprising;" and "lacking, sparse, confusing." My favourite response (from Marjolène Gauthier) was "alcoholic, hairy and weird." Other findings: it's tough to find new people in a small town and it's difficult to meet singles that don't drink alcohol.

A quick look at the Statistics Canada 2012 data reveals men out number women in the Yukon by a margin of 50.8 percent to 49.2.Looking at the data for single folks is a little more revealing.At the time of the last headcount in 2011, the number of singlemen in Whitehorse was 3,585 compared to a mere 3,135 single women.Want to meet a down-home, tractor riding country girl? Christian And if you are really getting specific, how about someone with a beard? “Connecting those with beards with those who wish to stroke beards,” is the tagline of this beard centric dating app that launched in 2014, and has since created over half a million connections and has reached over 100 cities around the world.The creator of the app, at the time 28-year old John Kershaw, admits that the initial idea was a joke.

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Plus, an adjustable search radius allows you to meet singles from 5 miles away to 500 miles away.

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