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Asch asked the students to give their answers aloud. Asch arranged for the real subject to be the next-to-the-last person in each group to announce his answer so that he would hear most of the confederates incorrect responses before giving his own. To Asch's surprise, 37 of the 50 subjects conformed themselves to the 'obviously erroneous' answers given by the other group members at least once, and 14 of them conformed on more than 6 of the 'staged' trials.

When faced with a unanimous wrong answer by the other group members, the mean subject conformed on 4 of the 'staged' trials.

In total, about one third of the subjects who were placed in this situation went along with the clearly erroneous majority.

Asch showed bars like those in the Figure to college students in groups of 8 to 10.

The group pressure implied by the expressed opinion of other people can lead to modification and distortion effectively making you see almost anything.

Asch concluded that it is difficult to maintain that you see something when no one else does.

Asch found that one of the situational factors that influence conformity is the size of the opposing majority.

In a series of studies he varied the number of confederates who gave incorrect answers from 1 to 15.

The task is repeated several times with different cards.

On some occasions the other "subjects" unanimously choose the wrong line.

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