Dating electric wiring

Two wire home electrical wiring systems have some of the same inherent problems as knob and tube.There is no third electrical wire for grounding and is considered unsafe when used outdoors, in laundry rooms, bathrooms, and in kitchens.

It’s better to be safe than sorry, especially if the wiring in your home is old as the circuit breakers may not be effective as those found in modern buildings.

The new UK wiring system comprises of: Brown – live Blue – neutral Green/Yellow – earth Here’s a photo: The new harmonised wiring colour system was made mandatory in 2006, although it was optional for several years prior to this date.

If your home was constructed prior to this date, it will probably contain the old wires.

This protects those in the home from shocks and electrical fires.

See how much it costs to replace consumer units/fuseboxes here.

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However, there are occasions when a homeowner or DIYer will come across wires or cables that are of different colours and it’s always prudent to be knowledgeable about which wire does what.

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