Dating couples from biggest loser

Players are put into private booths and given small, 100-calorie cupcakes.For each team, only one player will weigh in for the entire team that week.At the second weigh-in, Coach Mo represents the Purple Team by himself and is the contestant with the second largest percentage of weight lost.The Black Team (Alexandra and Julio) fall below the yellow line; after the usual deliberations, the other teams choose to send Alexandra home from the ranch.

A temptation challenge is presented to the contestants: whether to control their diets or control the game.Amanda Arlauskas became a contestant after winning a public vote against Erinn Egbert (who got at-home special assistant packages and made a cameo appearance in the week 12 episode) held during the Season 7 live finale.Contestant Daniel Wright was a contestant in Season 7, and has returned to "finish what [he] started".The contestants visit several doctors, including Dr.Huizenga, who talks to them about their health, explaining their health problems in grim terms.

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He informs 29-year-old Sean that he has type II diabetes.

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