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Ox were some of the first creatures humankind domesticated to help with agrarian chores.Beyond having a strong back, Ox could be a food source giving it the additional symbolism as a provider.A special caution before invoking Bull or Ox as your Power Animal.The amount of humans who have actually stood in the presence of a full grown Ox or Bull is fairly limited.

Ox medicine focuses on personal power and the ability to muster strength be it to finish a task or stand on your convictions.

In this respect, the Ox warns us against bragging and making false promises.

When Ox or Bull comes to you as a Spirit Animal you’ll receive the lessons of the value of a steady dependable work ethic. It will not give up until you learn what you most need be it modesty, persistence or defending your territory when threatened by undesired energies. When you find yourself struggling with authority and taking directions, Ox shows you how to accept that yoke and continue until that job is completed.

Be certain you are ready to step into and join this kind of power.

It is no joke and can be scary if you aren’t up to the raw powerhouse of an animal spirit guide that is Bull.

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Bull (or Ox) as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal can help!

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