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They think that being confident must mean being a show-off, solely focused on their own success, whilst also showing a complete lack of interest in anyone else’s life and accomplishments.

The only problem is, you might not be coming across as confident – it’s very possible that what you see as healthy self-belief appears to a guy as self-obsession and arrogance to the point of nausea. I’ve found many people confuse a high level of confidence with a vomit-worthy, inward-looking narcissism.

And then I would have to leave as he needed to write. You will be relieved to know that I never climbed any stairs for him. I would say a simple ‘hello’ to a man and suddenly receive a photo of his lower anatomy. French men, just like English men and Australian men and Peruvian men and…. French men do, however, get to the point more quickly. There is a lack of inhibition that is quite impressive to a repressed Anglophone.

I went for an evening walk in a park on a date with an engineer.

They’ll probe into what drives other people and seek to make the conversation relate to everyone, instead of assuming that everyone wants to hear their extended monologue about how much money they made last year, where they travelled, or some lame prize they won back in high school.

The great part is, when you embody the traits above you start to be seen by others as more confident, more desirable and more enjoyable to be around.

Arrogance makes you abrasive, annoying, and someone with whom people always want to compete and outclass.

Try this instead: Tell a guy ONE thing on a date that you find cool about him.

Maybe he has a determination that you like, or a kindness or a sense of humour.

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Many foreign women might well dream of a year spent dating Frenchmen in the so-called most romantic city in the world. You no longer need to stand looking wistful beside your favourite painting in the Louvre or to pretend to be casually browsing the shelves of a book shop on the Rive-Gauche in the hope of catching someone’s eye.

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