Dating alchohoic two different people

Basically, Kern notes, it means that alcohol use has been put on a spectrum, with many shades of gray.

Those guidelines were developed based on potential health risks, not possible addiction issues, he says.“Plenty of women drink more than those amounts and don’t have a problem,” he says.Was it possible that drinking wasn’t something I did, but who I had become? The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism puts the maximum for women at seven drinks per week.But gauging your drinking by numbers like those is misleading, Marc Kern, Ph.But, I reasoned, I wasn’t alone in that swirl, all my other friends drank daily, too. I discovered, through informal research over coffee with friends, that all the women in my social circle asked themselves a variation of “the drinking question.” A hellacious hangover, a particularly overfilled recycling bin, or a forgotten string of text messages to an ex usually triggers a deeper contemplation. That might kick off a Google search about what constitutes a healthy amount.We just really, really loved drinking, and much of the time, it loved us back. It started a ripple of questions that I found exceedingly hard to answer without a glass in my hand. The World Health Organization notes that, for a woman, moderate drinking is defined as one to two drinks consumed three days per week.

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