Dating after being cheated on ed and jaclyn still dating

If you’re not one to write your emotions down, confide in someone you are extremely close to.

No matter what he says or what that voice in the back of your head is trying to tell you, it isn’t your fault.

Aside from crying and letting your emotions out physically, consider writing a letter or keeping a journal of your feelings.

Crying is helpful, but being able to write out your emotions feels that much better. Or write a letter to your ex who cheated on you, just as a way to release your emotions.

Talk about your emotions and your thoughts, and don’t be afraid to be raw about it. Though in the beginning you may feel jealous of these people, in the end it’s best to look at the healthy and successful relationships in your life.

This way you don’t allow yourself to be sucked into a cloud of negativity.

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Whenever I head down the path that I am not ok with her current type of relationship with him, she gets angry and starts saying things like am I trying to keep her daughter from having a healthy father.

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