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I was watching this episode of the simpsons the other day where Lisa thinks she’s going to get dumber as she gets older because she has the Simpson’s gene. I feel like I’m getting dumber by the minute.” Her brother and her father and her uncles have it, so she must have it, right?Grandpa: “That’s right, then the Simpson’s gene kicks in! ” There were a lot of fascinating TV shows about genetics in the 1950s “We are about to unfold for you an adventure in the world of science” They taught us that nearly every person has 23 pairs of Y chromosomes “In every male human being, the 23rd pair of chromosomes is a mismatch” “One type has a long X chromosome.I learned to canoe in a one-person orange plastic canoe in a cold Scottish loch (lake) when I was a Venture Scout, but canoeing as a group in a wooden dugout canoe was far more fun. Gorilla Highlands Trails is a system of guided trips throughout southwestern Uganda managed by Edirisa Canoe Trekking, Lake Bunyonyi, south western Uganda.I’m quite fit, but I know my upper body could do with one of Edirisa Canoe Trekking – ecotourism adventures in southwestern Uganda longer trips! Their itineraries combine canoeing with hiking in the hills and volcanoes around Lake Bunyonyi, Lake Mutanda, Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, Mgahinga and Echuya Forest.9 of these men were above average height, had severe mental impairments, had criminal records, and had XYY chromosomes.

The shortest Gorilla Highlands Trail is the 2-hour Bushara Island canoeing trek.

They were tall and had moderate acne on their face and in her mind these were clear signs of XYY. The New York Times latched onto this story and ran a series about the genetic disorder stating that Speck’s criminal disposition was directly related to the fact that he was a “supermale” with an extra Y chromosome. “Well they’ve found I’ve got this, um, extra male chromosome” Not surprisingly there was this huge bias in the research conducted on XYY men.

Nearly all genetic testing of these chromosomes were conducted in prisons and mental institutions.

before paddling back to Bunyonyi Safaris Resort on the mainland for a local style breakfast of fresh fruit, omelette and bread – and a preview of some engaging new videos about the Batwa “Pygmies” being made for the brilliant Gorilla Highlands video map Chatting and paddling across Lake Bunyonyi, our host Miha Logar shared some of the history of the Kigezi, Kabale, Kisoro and Kanungu region.

“Punishment Island” and the (long gone) leper colony of Bwama Island were some fascinating but dark moments in the area’s history.

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Kahit feeling zombie na aketch di nag-paawat sa kakulitan ang lola niyo.

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