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Most of us know the names of Fidel Castro, Che Guevara, General Pinochet and Hugo Chavez, but can share very little beyond the basics.Atlas & Boots’ trip across South America gave rise to some fascinating facts, prompting me to learn more about the continent.

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Indeed, there are chicks from every corner of South America on here, be they Argentinean, Chilean or Peruvian, and they are all hotter than hot.

With their incredible beauty, their irresistible appeal, as well as their natural sexuality, these Latinas will most certainly satisfy all of your needs and provide ample fapping fodder for your masturbation sessions.

They have great apple-shaped big round asses which are just asking to get fucked in this famous Latina porn.

You might see some of the hottest chicks in the bikini from countries like Brazil or Argentina, and how they walk around on the beach while wearing a colorful bikini that flashes lots of their beautiful skin.

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