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I had a bit of the salad knowing it would be sliding out of my backside quicker then it went in the front end just for a bit of normality from this road kill dinner. ” Interesting I thought, although that doesn’t really explain the meat. I just adore hearing about the delights, and not so delightful experiences with food in this vastly different continent.

I asked again what the egg thing was that I was eating (I started on the second one of the two on the plate). Reply I heard something about the duck fetus on the Travel Channel.

We then had 2 fried headless animals on a plate dropped down on the table. ” She replied I then asked her “Is there anymore food coming or is this all of it? I feel I have lived an blissfully ignorant life until now. .-= Nomadic Neil´s last blog – Is trying to rank high on SERPs like running on a treadmill? On the road indefinitely, just need to make money as I go! Overall, it’s still one of the most interesting nights out I’ve ever had, even though it was probably just a normal night for her. I was applying for a fiancee visa to take her to the US the whole things was advanced scam put on by her and her family.

Sophea informed me they said I wasn’t welcome here as I was foriegn, I mentioned that maybe we should go not wanting to cause trouble but she said it would be fine.In Western culture, dating is the first step in starting a relationship.Many Cambodian girls are not interested in a relationship until she is married.I awaited Sophea (pronounced So-feet) turn up late soaking wet and in her small bank uniform smiling when she spotted me in the hotel lobby. ” I asked “It rain” She replied, with no emotion on her face.We went outside and headed towards her moto, indeed it was raining hard.

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