Being intimidating person

They need to earn our admiration first, and only then we may start worrying about what they think of us.

We don't care much about average-looking people.

In fact, I’d so far as to say that I am happy to be intimidating.

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But as beautiful people are important, our brain tells us it's a big deal. She got used to unattractive people even more than you did. She isn't looking at you as nitpicking as you do at the moment. Actually, everyone else in the room is busy judging her.

When average-looking person is a stranger, we don't give a fuck about how she perceives us. If you (presuming you are average or above average) have 6–7/10 people less attractive than you in the room, 9/10 people surrounding an attractive person are less attractive than her. No one judges you in the moment you are in the room with a good-looking person.

Most of the time we are around non-attractive people, thus it is our “comfort zone”. Attractive people are rare, so when you bump into one, you feel like you got into foreign, hostile territory. And the fact those people are among unattractive majority in the moment (their own “comfort zone”) doesn't help either, as they look calm and collected, unlike you. It is even more valuable than that, due to the fact beauty has the expiration date.

You are the one who got into the unnatural environment. Imagine entering the room of what you may think looks like a bunch of normal, average people, but you are told beforehand they are all super rich and powerful.

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