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and I have made more than 0 from some of them in a given year.However, I always, without fail, report every dime I make.Remember, they got Al Capone on tax evasion, not the other stuff he did. A W-9 is a form used to verify your TIN with whomever YOU SEND the W-9 to.You leave a financial trail with bank accounts, checks, credit cards and so forth. In return, a contractor must provide a 1099 to each IC that earns over 0 in earnings during the year. It is people like you that give all notaries a bad name.With the cost of health care, all expenses of maintaining your business, etc, most people don't clear as much as they think from the money they receive.About .55 of the dollar made for a self-employed person is probably considered viable income for living expenses.

Whether or not you get a 1099(not w-9) is irrelevant. ARGUED MAY 3, 2011 -- DECIDED SEPTEMBER 28, 2012 ROVNER, Circuit Judge. The defendants appeal their convictions and sentences. This is the latest in a series of cases arising out of abusive trusts promoted by The Aegis Company ("Aegis") and its sister company, Heritage Assurance Group ("Heritage"), both based in Palos Hills, Illinois. Aegis representatives, including the defendants, conducted seminars promoting the Aegis trusts in cities around the country. In actuality, the trust would provide no services to the business, although the business would compensate the trust and write the payments off as an expense. The letters, among other things, asserted to the IRS that the Aegis clients had various constitutional rights as taxpayers and also posed a series of questions to the IRS. Again, we believe that the court likely misunderstood what Mc Leese hoped to show through this barred line of questioning. Arguably this was an appropriate line of inquiry given Vallone's Cheek defense and the government's burden to prove his willfulness, and certainly it would have in no way called into question the legality of the search. They were sentenced to prison terms ranging from 120 to 223 months. The Aegis trusts were typically marketed to wealthy, self-employed individuals whose income could not be easily traced through the W-2 forms that are issued to ordinary taxpayers. But routinely, within a few days after the trust was first established -- and sometimes before the client had even transferred assets to the trust -- the Aegis attorney would resign by means of a boilerplate letter citing "circumstances beyond [his] control," and appoint the client as his replacement. Ostensibly, pursuant to such a contract, a trust would provide services to the client's business, for which the business would in turn compensate the trust. We ourselves have observed that a record of delays sought by the defendant will cast doubt on the validity of his subsequent contention that he has been deprived of his right to a speedy trial. Adams, supra, 625 F.3d at 379 (citing United States v. Parker prepared these letters based on a template that he had been given by Vallone. On cross-examination, Vallone's counsel, Mc Leese, sought to elicit from Parker a confirmation that taxpayers do have certain rights with respect to an IRS audit, including a Fifth Amendment right not to incriminate themselves. On cross-examination, Mc Leese sought to establish in some detail the context, chronology, and thoroughness of the search. But the court, believing that Mc Leese's questions implicated the legality of the search, repeatedly interrupted Mc Leese, saying it had already ruled on this line of inquiry, and told him to move on. When the defendants have been properly joined in a single indictment pursuant to Federal Rule of Criminal Procedure 8(b), as is conceded here, a court should grant a severance only when "there is a serious risk that a joint trial would compromise a specific trial right of one of the defendants, or prevent the jury from making a reliable judgment about guilt or innocence." Id. Dunn, and Edward Bartoli of conspiring to defraud the United States by impeding and impairing the functions of the Internal Revenue Service ("IRS") and to commit offenses against the United States, along with related fraud and tax offenses. Both Parker and Stambulis would later plead guilty and testify against the remaining defendants at trial. With the aid of Aegis personnel, a purchaser nominally would transfer his assets -- including his businesses and residence -- to one or more trusts and formally cede control of those assets to the named trustee, typically Bartoli, Parker, or Stambulis. The income that Aegis clients derived from their businesses was also diverted to the trusts by means of management and consulting contracts between the clients' businesses and their trusts, an arrangement that Aegis personnel suggested and helped to implement. Vallone's motion was brought on the eve of trial after years of pre-trial litigation and multiple requests for delay sought by the defendants themselves, agreed to by Vallone's counsel, and granted in some instances over the objection of the government. And, as we have also noted, expressions of impatience and annoyance -- which are to be expected with eleventh-hour motions complaining of delays that the defendants themselves sought -- are not sufficient by themselves to establish actual bias on the part of the judge. The issue vis-à-vis Parker arose with respect to his testimony concerning the Audit Arsenal letters he sent to the IRS on behalf of Aegis clients who had received notice that they would be audited by the IRS. At bottom, the letters were part of an effort to thwart IRS inquiry into the Aegis trusts. Smyros was one of the agents who participated in the March 7, 2003 search of Vallone's home. The court, by contrast, was concerned that Mc Leese was attempting to suggest that the search was improper in some way. Mc Leese continued to pose questions of Smyros aimed at eliciting the purpose and thoroughness of the search. John Stambulis, an Illinois attorney, worked in the Palos Hills office of Aegis, and assisted with the creation and defense of Aegis trusts. A key point distinguishing the Aegis business trust (along with the other trusts making up the Aegis system) is that an independent trustee never assumed any real control over the trust assets. Finally, false documents were created to make it appear that various legally important events had taken place -- for example, minutes indicating that the directors of a trust had met -- when in fact they never had. Actual bias, when shown, is the sort of structural defect that defies harmless-error inquiry and compels reversal regardless of how strong the government's case against the defendant was or whether the defendant is able to demonstrate that the bias manifested itself in rulings that actually prejudiced him. But we believe that any annoyance on the part of the court was understandable. The motion, for the reasons we have already explained, was not meritorious. But in none of these three instances do we discern evidence of bias against Vallone, his counsel, or the defense generally. Much the same is true as to what occurred during Special Agent Smyros's testimony. The government objected to the inquiry on the ground of relevance. The court then sustained the government's relevance objection.

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Last week it arrived along with a dose of schadenfreude from all us who've paid, albeit usually grudgingly, our taxes over the years.

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