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If you were second or third generation, you might prefer to date an Asian American compared to someone who recently arrived.

Food and religious similarities plays a huge part in matching as well, as they’re both huge factors in finding that perfect match.

Quipper, an e-learning mobile app company that Mariko co-founded, was sold for m in 2015. I tried major online dating sites such as and e Harmony.

It was really hard for me to find my ideal Japanese guy, one who could understand my culture and speak with my parents in my language, as those major sites group all “Asians” in one category.

Additionally, the Asian community is tight-knit in the US and reputation is very important, but we had zero credibility in the beginning. We stand for Asians and build community for Asians!

All of the founding members including myself decided to walk around K-town and parks in December in NYC, to distribute cards and ask people to sign up in person. I always started the conversation with “Hi, are you single? Now, thanks to our marketing team, we acquire users through scalable digital channels such as Asian American video content marketing — this has yielded 22M views in total to date. Asians are often under-represented, and their voice is not heard.

We can’t say too much about the details yet, but the users should be able to find the right match much more quickly without taking the effort of scrolling down too much or sending tons of messages.

She was listed as one of the top 55 women in global leadership by Forbes Japan in 2016. While I was running Quipper, I was single and was busy with startup management life.The end result will lead to running out of money without making a disruptive growth.In my case, I had new business that was going so-so.The time that my team members grew tremendously is when they were given responsibility and ownership.When you’re given more responsibility, you first struggle, face your fear of failure, then eventually start seeing things from a different perspective and come up with your own style of solving the issue to finally make it there.

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