Ashley greene and ian somerhalder still dating

Possible Anas could be Mila Kunis, Alexis Bledel, Alexandra Daddario, Emilia Clarke, Felicity Jones, Ashley Greene or Elizabeth Olsen.Get Uinterview's FREE i Phone App For Daily News Updates here.Things fizzled, and a few years later, Mayer found himself in a rollercoaster relationship with Perry, who is also pals with T. Heather Locklear/Richie Sambora/Denise Richards: Talk about drama fo' yo mama!Locklear and Richards were the closest of friends, but after Heather and Richie's marriage went downhill around the same time as Denise and Charlie Sheen, things changed.But that changed when the teen singer famously broke up with Duff amid speculation that he had hooked up with Lindsay Lohan who was also buddies with Hilary.bestie's relationship with her former long-time beau, Strokes drummer Fabrizio Moretti.'s stars have gone on to score Academy Award nominations, found companies and start families, as well as appear in plenty of movies and television shows.

The amount of love triangles involving famous pals may surprise you, but we come across it time and time again."It all seems so wacky and incestuous, but that's kind of how life works," the actress explained. I was like, 'Right, of course, that makes perfect sense.'"Taylor Swift/Harry Styles/Cara Delevingne: Swifty and Styles were once a canoodling pair, but after their split, Harry began to hang out with Delevingne quite frequently.Funny enough, Taylor and Cara weren't exactly best buds at the time, but they became close after Harry was in the picture.One of the most recent examples is our vampire-friendly trio Nikki Reed, Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev.The blue-eyed hunk has been spotted getting cozy with the co-star Nina Dobrev.

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